New Emerging and Rising Trends in North Indian Wedding in India


Sumit Sharma; Anjali Sharma

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HCTL Open International Journal of Technology Innovations and Research (IJTIR), eISSN: 2321-1814

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Volume 14, April 2015, ISBN:978-1-62951-946-3.

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Weddings are the most important event of an Indian’s life. The Wedding event is one of the biggest celebrations of the family and it is indeed a great memorable day for the bride and groom and for all those sharing their joyous moments with them. This research study highlights many important concepts of weddings in India. The study highlights the north Indian Weddings. Wedding Industry is still an un-organized sector in India which is moving from un-organized to organized sector. Also the changing lifestyle of people, socio-economic changes in the society, effect of internet and connectivity to the whole world... India is land of much mini India’s, every part of the India represent different culture, customs and diversity. This diversity is largely reflected though different kind of food, attire, customs & tradition observed by different cultural communities. The same different aspect is reflected in Indian marriages. Weddings are changing in India our study is an effort to give a glimpse into a colourful and cultural extravaganza – the Indian wedding. Our study is largely focus on Hindu north Indian wedding in India. Weddings are social event and a decade ago traditionally all the events of the wedding were taken care by family members. All the events were personally overlooked by one of the family members. It was more of Social capital based event. In recent time due to change in lifestyle, rise in income structure, rise of nuclear family and change in the wedding trends created a need of wedding planner who could help family to find out the perfect vendors for their wedding and keep them updated with new and recent wedding trends in India. This Paper highlights the new trends in north Indian weddings, what are the recent likings of people; the amount of money customer spends on various wedding expenditures. Our study is focused on understanding this new trends & changing behavior of consumers towards the weddings. The study is conducted from the consumer’s point of view.


Wedding Trends, North India, Reviews Analysis.

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