Fuzzified Job Shop Scheduling Algorithm


Rajani Kumari; Dr. Vivek Kumar Sharma; Sandeep Kumar

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HCTL Open International Journal of Technology Innovations and Research, ISSN: 2321-1814.

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Volume 7, January 2014, ISBN: 978-1-62951-250-1.

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In the present scenario the recent engineering and industrial built-up units are facing assortment of problems in a lot of aspects such as machining time, electricity, man power, raw material and customer's constraints. The Job-shop scheduling is one of the most significant industrial behaviours, particularly in manufacturing planning. Consider a shop ground where numbers of jobs are processed by number of machines. All the jobs consist of a certain number of operations. Each one operation has to be performed by a committed machine with the predefined processing time. The sequence of operations is also predefined for each job in a production recipe. Therefore, each job has its own machine order and can't change the sequence of operations. This paper introduced a new job shop scheduling algorithm with same fuzzy rules. The scope and purpose of this paper is to examine the near optimal solution for job shop scheduling in such a way that two operations are not at all processed on the same machine at the same time..


Job shop scheduling, Fuzzy logic, Makespan, Flow shop scheduling.

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Rajani Kumari; Dr. Vivek Kumar Sharma; Sandeep Kumar, Fuzzified Job Shop Scheduling Algorithm, HCTL Open International Journal of Technology Innovations and Research, Volume 7, January 2014, ISSN: 2321-1814, ISBN: 978-1-62951-250-1.

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