Biomethanation of Municipal Solid Waste


Aromal Thampan; Munish Kumar Chandel

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HCTL Open International Journal of Technology Innovations and Research (IJTIR), eISSN: 2321-1814

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Volume 15, May 2015, ISBN:978-1-62951-974-6.

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The application of anaerobic digestion of municipal solid waste, though well established in many European and other developed countries, the full scale anaerobic digestion of MSW is still in its infancy in India. The Biogas generation potential and the bio methane potential of three major Indian cities namely Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad had been studied by installation of three anaerobic reactors of 10 L capacity. The theoretical methane and biogas generation are compared to the experimentally derived results. The MSW of Hyderabad city has the potential to generate 2.19 * 106 m3 methane per year. The Delhi MSW could generate around 3.87 * 106 m3 methane annually and the Mumbai MSW has a potential to produce around 5.30 * 106 m3 methane annually. Also, the characterization of the MSW had been studied for the influent and effluent samples experimentally. It had been found that the concentration of ammonical nitrogen increases and the concentration of nitrate and total phosphorus in the samples decrease at the end of anaerobic digestion.


Anaerobic digestion; Municipal solid waste; Methane; Biogas; Bio methane potential; Ammonical nitrogen; Nitrate; Total phosphorus.

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